123 Learn to Count Song – Counting for Kids

Learning to Count Song. Sing Along and Learn to Count to 10.

Learning to count to 10 is one of the most important developments in early stage learning.

This song helps toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and young children learn with fun.

It’s proven that children learn better with music, and this song was crafted by experts to help your little one learn to count to ten fast. Watch the Adorbies family share the counting song, and have your child learning to count before you know it.

Q: At what age should children learn to count to 10?

Well that varies wildly, but somewhere between ages 2.5-4years old your little one can learn how to count to ten. Some children can count to five, while others can count to one hundred. Ideally the sooner the better, but if your child can’t yet – that’s okay, don’t worry! Maybe the counting song can help!