123 Counting Printable Flashcards ๐Ÿ‘พ

Today’s activity is a real simple and fun counting activity you can do with your child, grandchild, or class.

123 Count With Me Monster IS Gargantuan Fun!

Simply download and print the bright silly monster counting cards, OR save the world some paper and use them on your computer or iPad. Maybe your little one might even find that even more exciting!

This real simple counting activity will have your child counting to 20 in no time at all.

By What Age Should Your Child Be Able To Count to 20?

Starting as early as 2 your child will give interest in counting numbers. Most children will learn between ages 3-4, with some taking their sweet time until 5 to learning to count.

However, with a fun bright monster based printable counting flashcards like this, hopefully your child will be on the early side of counting!

How can I help my little one learn how to count?

The more exciting you make it, the more they’ll want to learn. During the toddler years, your curious little one is eager to learn but the trick is you have to keep their attention! You can do that using fun engaging activities that captivate their minds. These colossally epic monster counting flashcards will have your child or grandchild begging for more!

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